Digital Projects

In music class we embrace technology! Salem students have the opportunity to use web 2.0 tools to create music and make digital presentations.
Below are links to finished projects as well as samples of our work!

4th Grade:

Instrument Creation Project:
Students learned about how sound is produced (sound waves and vibrations), they then created their own instruments using found objects. Finally, the students created websites and used VoiceThread to share their creations.

Program Music Project:

Students created music that tells a story (either an original story or fairy tale) using the web 2.0 application Aviary's Myna (2011 & 2012) and WeVideo (2013-present). Some students even created artwork to go with their projects.


5th Grade:

Remix Project
Students learned about remixing music and created their own remixes of popular songs using

Soundtrack Project
Students learned about the importance of a soundtrack to a movie and recreated new soundtracks to old cartoons using

Instrument Presentations
Students created digital presentations on instruments of the orchestra using or glogster.

American Composer Project
The students learned about and listened to the music of three famous American composers: John Williams, Leonard Bernstein, and Aaron Copland. They then completed a digital music review project using Google Docs.


ThinkQuest 2012

In 2012, two classes (Ms. Baker & Mr. Sutz's) participated in the ThinkQuest competition. For this competition they were too choose and research a problem that affects their lives and then create a solution using digital media. Our two Salem classes composed pop songs, recorded music videos, and then created websites to share their projects. While we didn't win the competition, the students had a wonderful time creating these amazing projects!