Ms. Baker’s Class – Chorus Rehearsal — 11-29-12

Today in chorus we recorded all four of our concert songs.  We have finished learning 3/4 of them.  Do you think we are ready for our concert.  Listen to each song and think about the following musical/choral elements:

  • Blend –Does the whole chorus/section sound blended together? Can you hear individual voices?
  • Intonation — Did they sing the correct notes?
  • Dynamics – Did they get loud/soft when supposed to?
  • Tall Vowels — Did they sing with long/vertical mouthes or wide/horizontal mouthes?
  • Diction — Can you understand the words? Do they end all the words together (i.e. peace?)
  • Balance — Are part 1 and part 2 equally balanced or does one sound louder than the other?

“I Want to Be Happy”

“A Distant Shore”

“Sing World Peace”

“Let it Shine”


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