Past Salem Chorus Repetoire


2013 - 2014

4th Grade

*Alexander's Ragtime Band - arr. Besig

*Song of the River - arr. Patterson

*Little Fox - arr. McRae

*Any Dream Will Do - arr. MacHuff

*Hine Ma Tov - arr. Naplan

*The Journey - arr. Martin

*Swine Song - Perry

*Galop - Berg

*I've Got a Song to Sing - Jacobson/Miler

5th Grade

*Get on Board in the Mornin' - arr. Snyder

*Kusimama - Papoulis

*Homeward Bound - arr. Althouse

*You Can't Stop the Beat - arr. Emerson

*Rhythm of Life - Leavitt

*Riversong- Beck

*Over the Rainbow- arr. Beck

*Roar - arr. Friedman

*Let it Shine! - arr. Shaw


2012 - 2013

4th Grade

*I Want to Be Happy - arr. Gallina

*A Distant Shore - Strid/Donnelly

*Sing World Peace - Brownsey/Lantz

*Let it Shine - arr. Besig

*Turn the World Around - arr. Emerson

*Ulili E - Higgins

*One Wish - Perry

*Everybody Rejoice - arr. Beck

5th Grade

* Jubilate Deo - Gilpin

*When I Close My Eyes - Papoulis

*A Little Curl - Page

*Green Eggs and Ham - arr. Beck

*Seize the Day - arr. Emerson

*Siyahamba - Rao

*For Good - arr. MacHuff

*Everlasting Melody - Dilworth



4th Grade

*Shake the Papaya Down - arr. Dwyer

*Peaceful River - arr. Donnely/Strid

*That's How it Goes - C. Gray

*Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - arr. C. Miller/Friedman

*Ol' Dan Tucker - M. Berstein

*Al Shlosha - H. Leck

*Tailor & the Mouse - Perry

*Choo Choo Ch'Boogie - Emerson

5th Grade

*Feel Good - arr. Tyson/Scott

*Sing Your Own Song - arr. Friedman

*It Don't Mean a Thing - arr. Emerson

*Gonna Rise Up Singin' - D. Besig

*We Will - J. Papoulis

*As Long As I Have Music - D. Besig

*Look at Me Now! - C. Miller



4th Grade

*Sarasponda - arr. R. Boshkoff

*Ah, Poor Bird - arr. S. Cooper

*A Yadil Yadil Yadi - arr. J. Higgins

*Grand Ol' Flag - arr. D. Besig

*Chattanooga Choo Choo- arr. P. Schmuttee

*The Artist Teaches Us All- M. Patterson

*Alouette - arr. A. Beck

*Brand New Day - C. Miller

5th Grade

*The Star Spangled Banner

*Clap Your Hands - S. Albrecht

*The Duel - arr. C. Miller

*When You Believe - arr. A. Synder

*Oye - J. Papoulis

*Firework - arr. A. Friedman

*Bonse Aba - arr. Johnson

*Laundry Land - C. Miller

* Like an Eagle - C. Strommen




4th Grade

*Haida - H. Leck

*Life is Precious - R. Schram

*I Love the Mountains - arr. A. Friedman

*Seed to Sow - arr. R. Emerson

*On the Railroad - Donnelly/Strid

*Magical Kingdom - J. Rutter

*Galop - K. Berg

*50 States That Rhyme - Wyrtzen

*Be the Light - C. Miller

5th Grade

*You Gotta Sing - R. Emerson

*Dreams of the Sleeping Birds - A. Bernon

*Ton The - arr. Brumfield

*Peace on Earth...and Lots of Little Crickets - Carey

*Cape Cod Chantey - J. Gallina

*Afternoon on a Hill - C. Gray

*Blackbird - arr. A. Friedman

*Swingin' With the Saints - arr. M. Hayes

*Don't Stop Believin' - arr. A. Billingsley



4th Grade

*Come Hear the Band - S. Albrecht

*Give Me Wings - M. Patterson

*The Cutting Edge of Solfege - J. Gallina

*I've Got a Song to Sing - C. Miller

*Gwendete - R. Powell

*Blow Bugle Blow - R. Schram

*Humpty Dumpty - Strid/Donnelly

*You Can't Stop the Beat - E. Lojeski

5th Grade

*Rise Up - J. Gallina

*Shine on Me - R. Dilworth

*Song of the Open Road - R. Schram

*Puttin' On the Ritz - R. Emerson

*This is Our Time - R. Emerson

*A Moda da Garranchina - B. Green

*Take These Wings - D. Besig

*Everlasting Melody - R. Dilworth



4th Grade

*The Banjo's Back in Town - J. Gallina

*Boats Sail on the Rivers - M. Patterson

*That's How it Goes - C. Gray

*The Magic's In Me - C. Miller

*Clap Your Hands and Sing Hallelulah - D. Besig

*One Wish - D. Perry

*Peter Piper - L. Beery

*Singabahambayo - J. Higgins

5th Grade

*Jubilate Deo - G. Gilpin

*J'entend le Moulin - E. Crocker

*Sing With Me - Strid/Donnelly

*Follow Your Dreams - Strid/Donnelly

*Tiger! Tiger! - M. Lightfoot

*Od Yavoh Shalom - A. Friedman

*River in Judea - J. Leavitt

*Common Ground - R. Emerson



4th Grade

*I Want to Be Happy - J. Gallina

*Sunset in my Mind - D. Perry

* Joy in My Heart - R. Dilworth

*Shout - A. Bernon

*Song of the River - M. Patterson

*50 States that Rhyme - Wyrzten

*Let it Shine - D. Besig

5th Grade

*I Give You a Song - A. Bernon

*Ol' Dan Tucker - M. Bernstein

*Yad B'Yad - arr. A. Friedman

*Look at Me Now - C. Miller

*Rhythm of Life - arr. J . Leavitt

*Siyahamba - arr. D. Rao

*As Long As I Have Music - D. Besig

*Moving On - A. Friedman



4th Grade

*Haida - H. Leck

*Where Can We Find Peace - S. Albrecht

*Brand New Day - C. Miller

*Solfege Samba - C. Miller

*A Distant Shore - Strid/Donnelly

*Seed to Sow - arr. R. Emerson

5th Grade

*Gonna Rise Up Singin' - D. Besig

*The Journey - J. Martin

*Let it Snow/Winter Wonderland

*Amana Utupe Na Ustawi - P. Simms

*Clap Your Hands - S. Albrecht

*Flying Free - D. Besig

*Laundry Land - C. Miller

*Al Shlosha D'Avarim - A. Naplan