5th Grade


*Perform in an all grade chorus
*Continue to learn how to be part of a musical ensemble
*Continue to work on reading musical notation on the staff
*Continue to develop our singing skills
*Continue to build our knowledge of the musical elements
*Perform in two concerts (winter & spring)
*Continue to learn about the instruments of the orchestra
*Continue to increase our repertoire of songs and dances
*Create multiple compositions
*Use web 2.0 and digital tools to create and explore music
*Listen to and respond to music from a variety of genres and styles
*Increase our knowledge of music history and composers

Units/Themes by Month:


  • Steady Beat
  • Rhythm reading review
  • Meter
  • African Drum Circle Unit
  • 16th notes
  • Syncopation
  • Halloween Songs
  • Mussorsky's: "Night on Bald Mountain"




  • What is a Remix & Copyright/Fair Use
  • Digitally Remixing Our Own Songs
  • Major/Minor


  • Digital Instruments of the Orchestra Presentations
    (Glogster & GoAnimate)
  • Form: Round, Canons, Fugues
  • Form: Binary (AB), Ternary (ABA), Rondo (ABACA)
  • Form: Theme & Variation


  • American Composer Project (Google Docs & GoAnimate)
  • Ostinato compositions
  • Ukulele Unit???


  • Ukulele Unit??
  • Prepare for moving up day