1st Grade


*Reinforce our knowledge of steady beat
*Learn major scale solfege (do to do)
*Continue to work on matching pitch
*Learn to read basic rhythms (half note, quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note duplets)
*Listen to and respond to music from a variety of genres
*Gain a basic understanding of dynamics, tempo, form, and melodic direction
*Learn about the instruments of the orchestra
*Build a repertory of folk songs, finger-play songs, fun/silly songs, popular songs, and multiculutral songs
*Build a repertory of dances
*Play classroom instruments

Units/Themes by Month:


  • Steady Beat
  • Review: Do, Mi, Sol Tonal Patterns
  • Review: Reading
    du, du de, rest rhythmic patterns
  • Dynamics (loud/soft)
  • Dynamic Terms:
    piano, mezzo, forte
  • Halloween Songs




  • Steady Beat
  • Long & Short Sounds
  • 1st Simple Rhythmic Composition
  • Thanksgiving Songs
  • "The Nutcracker"
  • Holiday Music


  • Steady Beat
  • Long & Short Sounds
  • 4 Instrument Families
  • Prokofiev: "Peter and the Wolf"
  • Introduce "Fa"
  • Playing classroom instruments


  • Steady Beat
  • J.S. Bach
  • Tempo (fast & slow)
    adagio, moderato, allegro, presto
  • Pitch: High/Low
  • Introduce Re & Ti
  • The musical staff
  • Musical scale
  • Jazz Music


  • Steady Beat
  • Galop/Skip vs Walk/Jog Rhythms (2/4 vs 6/8 meter)
  • Adding instruments to a famous book
  • Form: Same/Different
  • Spring/Summer Compositions